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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dunia ini Panggung Sandiwara

In Indonesia  we often heard the quote :"Dunia ini Panggung Sandiwara"
I don't know whether this is right or wrong,
but now that i think of it, it's not the world that like a Stage
but the people inside it who love to play acts,
people like to be the actors,
actor wannabe.

People like to make stories, people like to pretend
one person don't like one person inside, 
but outside they appear like friends,
one person yell to one other person,
but outside they are actually just playing one scenario
everybody is practicing to be an actor.
People like to say one thing meant the exact opposite.

How tiring sometimes,
but that's the world we live in, no choice of that, until we actually stop be in it, 
than we are not the actor again, but the Stage World still continues ...
until God make it stop ....

as William Shakespeare ever said or wrote :

"All the world is a stage ~ And all the men and women merely players ~ They have their exits and their entrances ~ And one man in his time plays many parts "

btw, who sing this song "Dunia ini Panggung Sandiwara" - it seems ages ago.

now, that i'm trying to put a label in this post ...
Between 'Just a Sigh' and 'Just for Laugh' are actually two very opposites themes, 
but then again here we are in this stage world , it fits both. 
Another something  ... Sesuatu (kalau kata Syahrini) 

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